Thanks to the many supporting partners, collaborators, friends and family over the years since 1996, Spar-Clean Inc has become what it is today, a thriving, successful Canadian local business that was once spawned from a single mother one-woman business. Just like Vicky Roblin, the CEO of Spar-Clean Inc, entrepreneurs all have a similar goal in mind which is to maintain and reach the success of their establishment while providing the best value to their customers while also being able to support themselves, their family and to help those around them, but more importantly, they understand that people don’t buy from companies, they buy from people.


“people don’t buy from companies, they buy from people.”


Recently, two young entrepreneurs with the same vision collaborated with Spar-Clean Inc to give the local cleaning company a boost in brand awareness and web presence by revamping the company website. Spar-Clean was due for a revamp of their website, but one of the goals was to give website visitors that same feeling of trust and personalization when visiting Spar-Clean Inc online just as they would offline.

The local cleaning company has been very well known around the York Region area, particularly Aurora and Newmarket since 1996. But with the help of the web, Spar-Clean Inc has been able to grow even much more thanks to the creative minds of Matthew Roblin, a web designer and digital marketer originally from Aurora and also Matt Tibbo, a professional photographer from Newmarket.

Your website is not just your business card on the internet, it’s much more than that and should not be neglected. Nowadays having a good web design and marketing tactics are what determine the potential for future business growth and reaching a very large audience online while attracting new customers. Every day people are frequently searching for local products and services like yours online, so if you’re not being found in the results and converting customers via your website, you’re falling behind ” says Matthew

Spar-Clean Inc’s new website was recently beautifully renewed and has also climbed highly in Google’s search results for many commonly searched terms in the area. The company is now more present online than ever before and is personally looked after and managed by professional tailored services.

Together with the new website build by Matthew Roblin, the new site includes some of Matt Tibbo’s professional photography of local real-estate home interiors. If you explore the site, you’ll likely be engaged with the content and get a pretty good idea of some of the environments that Spar-Clean Inc often cleans in and has worked on, based on many of the images that are featured on the site, all of which are local within York Region Ontario.

Spar-Clean Inc would like to give a big thank you and credit to the two young local entrepreneurs for the great work provided to help Spar-Clean Inc’s continuous business growth.

Matthew Roblin and Matt Tibbo are experienced in their profession and are available for hire for freelance work. You can contact them and find out more with links to their website and email below.

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