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Need a Cleaning Service For Moving?

Spar-Clean Inc is one of York Regions longest-running and most renowned professional and affordable cleaning companies. When you hire Spar-Clean, you will be thrilled to come home to a house that feels renewed, looks ‘spar-clean’ and smells fresh and clean. Spar-Clean takes pride in their cleaning, which is why we don’t just move around dust and dirt when cleaning, we remove the dust and dirt from every corner, crack and crevice of your house.

Your home is a place of sanctuary and rest which is why here at Spar-Clean, we know how important it is to keep a clean and tidy home to comfortably live and breath in. When you hire us, all your bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways get properly cleaned as well as your kitchen and living room. You can’t beat our attractive rates an quality of service. See below to check out our cleaning guide.

You can book your cleanings with Spar-Clean as weekly, biweekly, or monthly appointments, we offer flexible and tailored cleaning plans. New customer and regular appointments get you awesome discounts!

cleaning service for moving
move-in-move-out cleaning service

9 Reasons Why You Should Hire Spar-Clean Inc To Help You Move.

Stage 1 - Move-out Cleaning

After moving out all your belongings, the residence can often end up looking a little worse, with marks or scuffs on the wall after moving that big piece of furniture down the stairwell along with smudged fingerprints, carpets left with footprints, kitchens or bathrooms that likely need a good scrub.

Over the years, Spar-Clean has been there for many of its customers during their move-in-move-out and also including our own in recent years. We know how to do a job well done and take care of the clients desired cleaning matters professionally.

Stage 2 - Move-In Cleaning

Similar to moving out of a home, moving into a new home can also impact the cosmetics of your new home. Scuff marks, boot marks, smudge marks from fingerprints, boxes and packaging paper scattered around, the kitchen is probably a little ‘upside down’ and after all of that, the last thing you want to do is worry about cleaning. So why not enjoy the new home, relax and let Spar-Clean help you get your new home ready for welcome and nice new living space.

Cleaning for Last Minute Moving

It’s common to leave the cleaning matters until the last moment, and perhaps you might have taken longer than expected to sort out everything, or you need previous home sorted out to make sure you get your deposit back.

Get in touch with Spar-Clean to help you with those last minute cleaning matters so that your new and or old place looks ‘sparclean’ and wonderful for the first impression. We will get right down to the nitty-gritty, clean appliances thoroughly, clean under the bed, and clean up those kitchen and bathroom floors to look squeaky clean.

Hiring a Cleaning Company That's Accredited

We are fully insured and bonded to give you that extra security, there are NO contracts or commitments. Our cleaning maids are fully trained and prepared with all the proper cleaning supplies and equipment to ensure a job well done. When hiring a cleaning company for moving, this should also be considered. You will want a reliable accredited service, one that gives you full flexibility and one that you can count on to do an excellent job to make your life worry-free.

We are thorough

Spar-Clean takes pride in offering our customers the best service in the cleaning industry.

Our dedication to excellence is especially important for homeowners who are move out of a residence or moving into a new residence.

During moving, your home (new or old) will most likely be left messy from moving all of your furniture around, scuff marks or fingerprints on the walls, footprints on the carpet or floor, boxes and paper left scattered and kitchen or bathrooms left to be scrubbed. Spar-Clean ensures a quality and professional cleaning service to make sure all of your cleaning needs are met.

We are professional

We are fully uniformed and bring all proper equipment and supplies with us. Each of our maids are fully trained to ensure detailed and excellent work.

After being a locally owned business for over 20 years, we ensure a job absolutely well done and have established many long-lasting relationships with many happy returning customers.

We are flexible

No matter what the season may be, Spar-Clean is available for your schedule. Our cleaning services accommodation to suit each of our clients desired needs, whether it be a one-time clean or an on-going clean if you wish.

We are affordable

Having been in business for this length of time, we have developed a keen sense of the client’s needs while staying within their budget. We strive to give you the best value at an affordable price. Spar-Clean ensures each customer is happy and taken care of.

We are reliable

For over 20 years, customers have referred Spar-Clean for friends and family thanks to our dedication to cleanliness. Spar-Clean takes pride.

At Spar-Clean Inc. we’re your neighbours, not just doing business in your neighbourhood. Just give us a call, set the date and we will take care of the rest. A clean home is a happy home!

Let Spar-Clean be on clean-up duty before or after the big move while spent time on more important things.

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