Coronavirus and Spar-Clean Inc Cleaning services

Having a safe and sanitary home is more important now than ever before.

We at Spar-Clean Inc take our customers’ homes, families, and our cleaner’s health very seriously. Read more about home cleaning and coronavirus on this page.

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COVID Cleaning Methods and Disinfecting

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), we have updated our cleaning service: all our cleanings now include the disinfecting of important contact surfaces in the home at no extra cost. We follow the recommended cleaning guidelines. During our cleaning, you can stay home or take a walk outdoors while our professional cleaners do their work. Below you will find further information on our cleaning process and approach, as well as our instructions to both customers and cleaners to ensure the safety of both our cleaners and our customers while performing our much needed home cleaning services.

Spar-Clean Inc’s Cleaning Process

We avoid unnecessary physical contact

  • We do not shake hands and try to keep at least one meter of distance from others at work, during commutes and outside of work.
  • We use gloves and change them when arriving at customers’ place.
  • We wear face masks as a standard precaution while at work and in public.

We maximize hand hygiene

  • Handwashing is the first and last thing we do when entering and leaving a customer´s home. Our cleaners also bring hand sanitizer with them.
  • We wash our hands thoroughly with soap, for at least 30 seconds, and dry with paper or a clean towel.

We wear masks and use gloves throughout the cleaning

  • We wear face masks as a standard precaution.
  • We wear protective gloves throughout the cleaning process.
  • We are extra careful not to touch the outside surface of the gloves when discarding them after use.
  • We wear other protective gear, such as suits for bacteria prevention as suitable.

Professional supplies & disinfection

  • Cleaning liquids: We always and only use cleaning supplies provided by Spar-Clean Inc as these have a pH of 8-10 (official recommendation)
  • Disinfection: We focus our cleaning on common touch surfaces. We finish each cleaning by disinfecting all doorknobs, water taps, light switches, other handles, and toilet including the flusher and also our equipment.

Managing dirty equipment

  • We clean or disinfect all our equipment thoroughly after and between all cleanings.
  • We wear indoor shoes or footwear that are for the purpose of cleaning

Used & clean equipment

  • Clean equipment: we put our clean equipment in a clean plastic caddy.
  • Used equipment: we put used cloths, sponges, mops heads, (socks) in a separate plastic bag, before placing them into our bags or into our work car. We wash the equipment at 90°C as always, before using it again.

In summary, we at Spar-Clean Inc:

  1. Do not shake hands (we do smile instead!)
  2. Wear masks (and other protective gear)
  3. Wash hands and put on gloves
  4. Clean as normal – but keep distance if customers are home
  5. Disinfect common touch areas in the home
  6. Clean our own equipment and put dirty stuff in a plastic bag – secured
  7. Wash hands again, and frequently thereafter
  8. Clean used supplies on 90C and put in a clean plastic bag or clean plastic caddy

Our instructions to Spar-Clean Inc’s cleaners


  • We advise our cleaners to take good care of hygiene at work, at home, and elsewhere. We really put emphasis on this and we take extra measures to enforce it.
  • If Spar-Clean Inc’s cleaners feel any COVID-related symptoms of being unwell (even minor symptoms) they simply do not go to work and are asked to seek an occupational health check. As well as if there’s any risk of them having been in contact with people potentially infected by the Coronavirus (e.g people who have tested positive, or have been at risk).

Our instructions to Spar-Clean Inc customer


  • If you or your family members have any COVID related symptoms or flu, or any reason to doubt having been in contact with a person infected by the Coronavirus, please reschedule your next home cleaning with us, there are no extra fees to this, however, please inform us 24-48 hours prior to the scheduled cleaning.
  • Please let us know if you or anyone you have been in contact with has been sick with Coronavirus (Covid-19).
  • Please keep your distance from the cleaners, the easier it is for them to do their jobs right now, the cleaner your home will be.
  • Please be mindful of our cleaners. It is equally stressful for them to be in your home as it is to have someone in your home during these times. Let them know their hard work and bravery is appreciated.
  • Please be aware that given the uncertainty of COVID business operating restrictions, short-notice government officially advised changes could occur. However, we will make sure to inform our customers immediately should any changes happen that are out of our control.
  • Let us know if you have any special requests in advance with enough notice prior to your booking. 


If you have any questions about this matter please feel free to contact us! Reach us by phone (905) 967-0445 and email However, we ask you for your patience, as our response time is currently longer than usual.  If you have other type of questions, you may want to check out our FAQ page, or if you’d like to otherwise place a service inquiry, you may also do so by clicking here.

Thank you.

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