Spar-Clean Inc Introduces Gift Certificate Program for Cleaning Services

No matter the occasion, a gift certificate is a perfect way to treat that special someone, donate to someone in need, or even use for yourself later. It’s also a great way to support local businesses during hard times such as COVID-19. 

Spar-Clean Inc now offers special gift certificates, including exclusive deals on cleaning services for those located in Newmarket, York Region, and surrounding areas. Find out about our new gift certificate program below.

NEW! Give back with your gift certificate.

Spar-clean Inc not only offers tailored gift certificates on cleaning services, but we have also joined a unique gift certificate program by partnering up with Fansaves so you can, for example, donate your gift certificate to front-line hospital workers, while at the same time helping support local businesses who will be feeling the devastating financial impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Buy local, help support your neighbours and purchase a gift certificate to allow businesses to stay afloat who will be heavily impacted by this global challenge. Because of the social distancing, we will need to “flatten the curve” – they will feel the impacts directly.

By purchasing a gift certificate like this, It’s really a win-win.

Just simply go to look up the location where you would like to purchase from and fine search to the type of business. Spar-Clean Inc is listed for Newmarket and Aurora via the fansaves site by clicking here.

Not only is this a great way to support local businesses and a way to donate to front line workers, but this also means that you can get exclusive deals from local services like us AND save money. You can purchase coupons to use later at any time.

For more information, either contact us directly about our gift certificate program or download the Fansaves mobile couponing app and support local businesses across Canada during COVID-19 by purchasing a gift certificate to use later!

Regardless of the occasion, gift certificates are a great way to give back and even save money on exclusive offers. Don’t miss out!

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Download the Fansaves mobile couponing app