Providing customer convenience, flexibility and a hassle-free service has always been what Spar-Clean Inc strives for. 

Usually, our customers want a cleaning scheduled to be done not only according to their busy schedule and tailored needs but done quickly and with a variety of payment options, whether it’s in-store or via online. So we wanted to take our customer convenience experience to the next level by providing not only a variety of payment options but a smoother and quicker way to pay by using Square as a payment gateway service. 

What is Square?

If you haven’t come across a business using Square, Square helps millions of sellers run their business from secure credit card processing to point of sale solutions.

“Swiped payments are deposited directly into a user’s bank account within 1 or 2 business days. Square Reader for Contactless and Chip Cards can accept e.g tap and go cards, chip cards, Apple pay and Google pay, giving the customer the convenience of choosing how to make payments quickly and easily.”

The reader connects wirelessly to the service provider’s smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and is great for businesses including e.g cafes, restaurants, retail shops, and cleaning services like Spar-Clean Inc!

We’ve found that many businesses are using Square now to give customers a variety of options of how they wish to make purchases, so we’ve decided to adopt it too and it’s been excellent for both us and our customers!

Check out how Cafe Gateaux uses the Square Terminal with its customers by watching this video below.

Spar-Clean Inc offers professional residential and commercial cleaning services at affordable rates to clients in York Region Ontario. Contact us for more details about Spar-Clean Inc services!