Here at Spar-Clean, our customers deserve our very best. We strive to hire quality staff to send into our clients’ homes.  But we can’t stop there. We feel it’s equally important to be a good employer. Having qualified staff who are happy at their jobs, is key to our success.

So, what are some of the ways we strive to be a good employer?

Relaxation Time

Like anyone, our staff needs time to refuel so we allow them to book the odd day off when the business permits. As a result, they feel appreciated, refreshed and have more energy to give when cleaning your home.


Every Employee wants to know they are respected as a person and that their contributions are appreciated.  If you treat their work lightly or fail to acknowledge them because you’re too busy or distracted with your own concerns, they’ll likely start to feel dissatisfied and will begin to look elsewhere and our clients suffer from excessive staff turnover.

We also expect respect for the company and our clients’ homes in return. Even if an individual’s performance is not up to par, as a business owner, I feel the respect you hold for that individual and their unique talents should still always be demonstrated and clear.

At Spar-Clean we make it clear from the beginning what the expectations are and gain and give respect from the start.

Rewards, Incentives and Staff Wellness Days

We all like positive feedback on a job well done and it can be delivered in many different ways.

To list a few, here are some of the ways we demonstrate that here at Spar-Clean:

– Bulletin board or public recognition at staff meetings to commend employee efforts or acknowledge promotions. This shows our employees they are appreciated.

– Summer BBQs and Holiday celebrations (hosting a get-together, bowling, family get-togethers, gift cards etc.) build team spirit and moral.

– Encouraging employee suggestions makes them feel part of the overall success of the business.

– Offering bonuses help motivate employees to work hard as well as align their interests with the company’s objectives as it continues to grow.

And so you see, we focus on much more than just coming to clean your home.

Our staff is carefully selected and trained to give you, our clients, the service you are looking for. And by being a good employer, we assure a happy staff and a successful business that will continue to grow and thrive.

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