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Looking For A Part-Time Or Full-Time Job?

Join Spar-Clean Inc, a team that offers the best cleaning services in Newmarket and the York Region area!

When you join Spar-Clean Inc, you’ll be working with a team of friendly, motivated, and hard-working people from a variety of backgrounds. Spar-Clean Inc is a family run business, so when you join us, you can expect a friendly-warm environment to work in and probably get the sense that there’s a real personal touch in everything we do. We like to encourage growth and development from day one. We work hard, but we also know how to have fun too!

So who are we looking for? Well, we hope people like you! who are smart, problem-solving self-starters, who enjoy cleaning, work well individually and in small teams, as well as eager to learn and grow beyond where they currently are.

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Company Benefits

While all jobs come with hard work, we also know how to have fun here at Spar-Clean Inc. Working with us can be rewarding and is a great way to meet new people. Here’s are a few perks of what we offer when you join Spar-Clean Inc.

Supportive Company Culture

At Spar-Clean Inc, you’ll be part of a friendly, caring team, working closely with frequent support from other staff members and the business owner.

We Value You

Spar-Clean Inc is not an agency, so after the paid training period you will have a formal contract of employment, paid holidays, and advancement opportunities.

Flexible Hours

Spar-Clean Inc has full time and part time positions available suitable to your time-table.

No Evenings or Weekends

Spar-Clean Inc clients typically want us to clean their home or offices during the week and during the daytime, so you’ll be able to enjoy your evenings and weekends and relax.


Spar-Clean Inc has designated
drivers on staff. Designated drivers use their own vehicles and are therefore compensated.

cleaning service in Bradford Ontario

Uniform and Equipment Supplied

You’ll be provided with our professional, uniform t-shirts and all of the supplies and equipment needed to get the job done.

Who We're Looking For

Spar-Clean Inc is looking for individuals who are service-oriented, have a strong attention to detail, and enjoy working as a part of a team to fulfil our residential and commercial cleaning services roles.

In this position, you will have the opportunity to help customers on a daily basis by providing them high-quality cleaning services tailored to individual client’s needs.

Spar-Clean is a small independent run business which takes pride in the services provided to its clients and to its employees.

What We Value

1. Integrity, honesty, respect, reliability and responsibility
2. Those who work well individually and in a team
3. Those who are friendly and have a positive attitude
4. Leads through innovation and continuous improvement
5. We value our community by reaching out and getting involved
6. We work hard and have fun!

Why Join Spar-Clean Inc?

Here at Spar-Clean, our customers deserve our very best. We strive to hire quality staff to send into our clients’ homes. But we can’t stop there. We feel it’s equally important to be a good employer. Having qualified staff who are happy at their jobs, is key to our success.

Spar-Clean values personal relationship and innovation however, Spar-Clean approaches it’s clients and employees with a friendly personal touch and not just your “average Joe’s cleaning biz”. Spar-Clean started out as a one-woman business that has grown successfully to become well known and respected in the local community.

Working for any cleaning company can be hard work and sometimes stressful, but with Spar-Clean you will find it is like working with a “second family” and a diverse team of staff members and friendly clients which often makes work enjoyable.

What We Offer
  • Full-time / Part-time / Seasonal
  • No Weekends or Nights
  • Klm Paid
  • Full Personal One-On-One Training
  • Safety & WHIMIS Training
  • Employee Recognition & Advancement Opportunities
  • Uniform T-Shirt Provided
  • Friendly Team

“I’ve been a staff member with SPARCLEAN INC for fifteen years. I’ve been there for so long for several reasons… I enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done, as well as the exercise and challenge of cleaning every surface of a house from top to bottom in a limited period of time.

But, the two very important reasons for my longevity with SPARCLEAN INC are the wonderful customers I’ve had the privilege of meeting and serving over the many years of employment and the fantastic employer I have in Vicky. She is the best “boss” I have ever had. ‘SPARCLEAN takes pride’ – and so do I.”

Judy K

Team Leader / Staff, Spar-Clean Inc

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