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An all-in-one solution to home & property care.

Your all-in-one solution to house care

We all know the feeling of having endless things to do to take care of the house. Not only just cleaning, but also many other tasks such as renovations, repairing, and property maintenance upkeep, and so on. No matter how hard we work, the list continues to grow. Spar-Clean introduces an all-in-one service for home care, inside and out. Bringing you more value for money, save time, and live hassle-free!

This service is a joint subsidiary of Spar-Clean Inc, run by Vicky Roblin. You may also see more about this service by visiting homeconsultingservices.ca



Increase the value and enjoyment of your property


No more multiple service providers – we can cover everything.


Enhance the flow and function of your home and property.


Free yourself from the never-ending to-do list.


Range of property and home improvement services all in one place.


Trusted, qualified, and personalized service.

What we offer

Our service is perfect for those who are looking for a convenient all-in-one tailored service provider, moving in or preparing their property to sell, a hectic family with little time to spare, or an elderly loved one who could use a helping hand. Our home care & consulting services can provide the organized peace of mind that is often hard to find. Enhance the flow and function of your home and make more time for yourself, hassle-free!

Take advantage of our experienced team of professional cleaners, home stagers, licensed builders, electricians, plumbers, roofers, handymen, and most of all, a professional residential consultant, to sort out all of those tasks, projects, and areas you could use advice on. Whether you’re looking to sell your property or just make your living space more enjoyable, we’ve got you covered. We are your all-in-one service provider for home & property care and advice. 

We’ll get your home in order

For landlords and rental property managers:
we provide a comprehensive report on what’s required to bring the property up to code. This might include cleaning advisory, building-related matters e.g roofing, or plumbing work to be completed by our licensed tradespeople.

For homeowners or real estate agents: 
in the early stages of listing a property, we provide a professional inspection of the property, outlining work that can make the house more presentable and therefore more valuable to the market.

For people looking to make alterations to their property:
we provide professional no-obligation ideas on new bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor decks, and pool surrounds and extensions to improve the value and enjoyment of their home, inside and out.

We provide house care services for every inch of your home and property, from handyman repairs, deep cleaning, to home staging and everything in between. Since 1994, we have established a solid team and expertise to take care of everything that goes into home maintenance and real estate. Our mission is to provide professional home care services to see everything through efficiently and effectively, offering tailored packaged solutions that are unmatched elsewhere. Consider us as your personal property maintenance caregiver.

We offer a complete range of property maintenance and home improvement services all in one place.



Full project management


Consultation & advisory


Job inspections & follow-ups


Phone calls / Scheduling


Pricing / Quotations


Payments and billing

Why us

We understand the challenges that many property owners often face. We approach everything we do with a customer-first mindset, with care, empathy, trust, and personal touch. 

Our service always includes a personal consultant that works with you to solve your home care needs, tailored to you. Most of all we want to ensure your ‘to-dos’ are taken care of smoothly without you having to worry. That means no more multiple service providers or contractors, having to deal with hidden costs, and concerned if the job is going to get done efficiently, effectively, and transparently. We oversee all of this. We are a total all-in-one solution.

This service is a joint subsidiary of Spar-Clean Inc, run by Vicky Roblin. You may also see more about this service by visiting homeconsultingservices.ca

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